I have a several meal plans to help you to find optimum health

Favourite Plant-Based Recipes

Looking for delicious, healthy recipes you and your family will love? Looking for a menu that takes the guess-work out of meal planning, and shopping lists to make everything easy?

You will love the plant-based favourites 2 week menu! You get:

  • A full 2 week menu with breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners.
  • Delicious and nutritious recipes
  • Grocery lists for each week to take the guess-work out of shopping
  • The menu is designed by Dr Pamela. RD a registered dietitian with a PhD in nutrition! It is packed full of fibre, antioxidants and all the nutrition you will need.

You will love this menu if you are already plant-based, or if your family wants to try more veggie recipes. The Plant-based Favourites menu is also a wonderful way to follow on from the Fresh Start Cleanse.


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FODMAP Recipe Guide

Do you have IBS? Are you searching for a diet that can help you control symptoms, and is healthy too? FODMAPs are found in the foods we eat. FODMAPs is an acronym (abbreviation) referring to:


The bacteria then digest/ferment these FODMAPs and can cause symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). These symptoms can be uncomfortable! Flatulence, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea and nausea are all common.

Eating a low-FODMAP diet can help to control those symptoms. I’ve designed this 2 week low-FODMAP meal plan complete with delicious recipes. This is a very healthy plan, with a wide variety of foods. This plan is also gluten free, and low in dairy. You will find the recipes quick and easy to follow!


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30 Day Fresh Start

Have you been thinking of giving your health a fresh start? Maybe you want to eat healthier, or balance your weight or have more energy. Through good nutrition and self-care you are going to have an amazing journey to a better you. Your journey will lead to reduced inflammation, improved health and new discoveries about yourself.

The 30 Day Fresh Start includes:

  • A complete, balanced, healthy 30 day menu with meals and snacks so you don’t have to plan
  • Fresh Start Guide packed with nutrition and self-care tips
  • 30 days of delicious recipes
  • Comprehensive shopping lists so you have all the ingredients you need on hand