Dr Pamela RD eats: Hello 123

Hello 123 is the fabulous new restaurant from the owners of Kupfert and Kim. I just love that they have expanded their concept beyond upscale grab and go to include a bright and happy cafe with table service and innovative dishes.

Cauliflower Hummus Bowl

In Toronto we are lucky enough to have a growing collection of vegan restaurants, but while it is getting easy to find vegan comfort food (yum!) I love to sink my teeth into some kale, hummus, greens, beans, nuts and seeds – ya know? Hello 123 has us covered! Let’s start with this Cauliflower Hummus Bowl. You could not fit more veggies and tasty grains into a bowl, but the flavours of mint, radish, hummus, pickled onions, pomegranate and salsa elevated this bowl to a sophisticated treat for the eyes and the palate. I love a boundary-pushing bowl!

Smashed Avocado Burger

This pretty burger and salad combo won my heart. I was in the mood for a burger, and this meal left me with a happy tummy and full of energy – not weighed down and ready for a nap. The patty was one of the yummiest I’ve had, and it’s ingredient list: quinoa, lentil, mushroom and walnuts, will win a dietitian’s heart. The avocado and aioli toppings made for a creamy, tangy bite, and the pickle, onion and lettuce and tomato gave the whole thing a little texture and crunch. Healthy and yummy. Win win.

Hot Cacao

I finished things off with a hot cacao. I thought this might be challengingly bitter, but it was smooth and lightly sweet and creamy and chocolaty. A perfect finish to an excellent meal. For those of you in the mood for a drink, Hello 123 has an fun list of cocktails using ingredients like kombucha, sesame, cucumber, basil and rhubarb bitters. Feels like Queen West meets Malibu.

I’ll be back to this fresh little cafe soon! See you there.

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