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Spicy red cabbage split pea soup

Red cabbage are PACKED with nutrients! Think vitamins C and K and minerals potassium and manganese. They are also a great source of anthocyanins; powerful compounds which can help prevent heart disease, cancer and boost cognitive function. Yes!
Get yourself a bowl of this spicy, delicious soup.


Gingerbread cake

This cake is FULL of molasses flavour. It has a tender crumb and a warm and spicy kick. Print Recipe Gingerbread cake This is the perfect winter cake. Dense and flavourful and full of old-fashioned molasses flavour. Plus, it is a packed with iron, calcium and magnesium. A cake that loves you back. MWAH! Course Breakfast, Snack Cook Time 1 hour Servings large slices Ingredients 1/2 cup white or coconut sugar1/4 cup oil coconut is…


My top recommendations for a vegan NYE in Toronto

Hello Toronto vegans!! 2017 is drawing to a close, and it is nearly time to party. If you are looking for vegan friendly options for New Year's Eve, check out my top 5 recommendations below: In the Market for a good time? Check out Cosmic Treat's NYE four course menu for only $40!! This includes a triple dessert plate - wohoo! We all know how tasty their desserts are. You can reserve here. Sparkle and…

Dr Pamela RD eats: Hello 123

Hello 123 is the fabulous new restaurant from the owners of Kupfert and Kim. I just love that they have expanded their concept beyond upscale grab and go to include a bright and happy cafe with table service and innovative dishes. Cauliflower Hummus Bowl In Toronto we are lucky enough to have a growing collection of vegan restaurants, but while it is getting easy to find vegan comfort food (yum!) I love to sink my…