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  • Plant-based milks; safe for young children?

    There has been some coverage in the media lately, calling into question the safety of plant-based milks as a beverage for young children. The authors raise three concerns: The amount of protein in plant-based milks The sugars in plant-based milks Fortification in plant-based milks   Let’s take a look at those three concerns, and see if the science backs them up.   Protein   Let’s start with what I agree with. It is certainly true…

  • Sweet Potato Kale Soup

    This soup is delicious, creamy, quick and full of nutrients. Enjoy! Be careful with the sriracha if you are making soup for your little ones.

  • Tofu Scramble

    This tofu scramble is pretty, savory and really tastes like scrambled eggs. It is also packed with protein and is the perfect breakfast.

  • Carrot Coconut Soup

    This is my favourite soup. It has the most delicious, velvety texture and it can be ready in 20 minutes!!

  • Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin

    These banana chocolate chip muffins are a treat that you can feel good about