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  • Pamela’s advice on plant-based meal planning
  • Potential deficiencies in a plant-based diet … and how protein isn’t one of them
  • How to help your kids love eating healthy and being vegan
  • The Zen of speed walking
  • The joy of owning no car
  • Pamela’s experiences with homeschooling her children in foreign countries
  • Fasting is very effective at reducing inflammation in your body.
  • Don’t mix berries and greens in juices and smoothies!  Brown juice isn’t appetizing.
  • Make sure to eat foods that have lots of color.
  • It’s almost impossible to eat a high fiber diet that is unhealthy.
  • Buckwheat, quinoa and brown rice are great sources of gluten free whole grains.

Jasmin interviews vegan registered dietitian (and Aquafaba master) Pamela Fergusson, who works at the intersection of plants, mindfulness, and physical and mental health. Pamela helps clients, health care professionals, and anyone interested in a plant-based diet reach their wellness goals. She talks to Jasmin about how best to support vegans with disordered eating issues as well.

  • Holiday survival guide.
  • Favourite healthy restaurants around the city.
  • Plant based diets and mental health.
  • The micro-biome.
  • Raising Vegan children.

Viewpoints with Todd van der Heyden


Discussing the WHO guidelines on red & processed meat relating to cancer risk