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  • Boning up on calcium

    Thanks to nutrition student Debbie Fong for contributing as a guest blogger to this post! Calcium helps build and maintain bones, as well as facilitating blood clotting, transmission of nerve signals and muscle contraction. The body uses calcium everyday to build strong bones, nails and hair yet, we cannot produce new calcium. Ideally, we should obtain calcium from food, rather than calcium pills, to replenish our daily loss of calcium. Milk – does a body good?…

  • Why you should not be scared of fruit sugars

    This is a guest post by Sindy Ng. Sindy is a nutrition student at Ryerson with plans to become a Registered Dietitian. She does a great job investigating the benefits of fruits and fruit sugars. Fruits and Fruit Sugar This article addresses the health benefits of fruits, tips on eating more fruit, and a few simple recipes.

  • Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods on a Plant-based diet

    We have all heard about probiotics, and how good they are for our gut health. New research is emerging constantly about the importance of our gut microbiome in everything from improving our digestion to boosting our mood, to cancer prevention to blocking infections. Did you know that our microbes outnumber our own human cells about 10 to 1!? Microbes in our gut have a major role in controlling our cravings, and this is partly why…

  • 30 Days of Calorie Counting: what I learned

    So! It is the 30th of June and the results are in! My goal was to drop 5 lbs in June (a pesky bit of winter weight that I was not managing to shed), and I (just about) did it. In 30 days I lost 4.5 lbs calorie counting.

  • Vegetarian diet could save lives, study finds

    If you could do something to reduce your risk of disease and help you live longer, would you do it? Researchers at the University of Oxford have published a landmark paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America that may have just the answer you’re looking for.